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Hire an Acting Coach


If you’re serious about acting there is a good chance that you need a professional acting coach to get you to the next level. Whether it’s an acting coach in a classroom environment or a private acting coach. John Pallotta is an acting coach that has taught thousands of actors and has helped them get to the next level. 


Special Packages 

Paid via Venmo: @pallottastudio or Zelle.

Please call 646.619.7777 before committing to a session/package.




One Hour Single Package 300.00

Four Hours Package (Broken up) 1000.00 

Eight Hours Package (Broken up) 1750.00

This is PRIVATE One on One Coaching Only


In addition to helping you achieve your own personal acting goals; my goal is to teach you: 

Cold Reading and Auditioning Skills

Internal Monologue Process

Character Development

On Camera Personalization

Text Analysis and Interpretation of sides

Monologue Preparation

Pre-Audition and Callback Preparation

Tapping and Exploring your Emotional Depths

Acting Tactics and Objectives

Timing, Rhythm, and Control

Expanding you Acting Range with Character Work and Dialects

Eliminating Vocal Tics and Speech Impediments

Eliminating Bad Acting Habits

Sticking out to Casting Directors

Getting Noticed at Auditions

Nuances of Performing and Auditioning for Film, Television, Commercial, Stage

Being the Actor They Never Saw Coming.


Each program is tailor made for your individual needs!



How An Acting Coach Can Help Your Acting Career?


An acting coach will also cover everything you need to know about auditioning. As an acting coach we will go over the importance of what to do when auditioning for a part and what things you should say during the interview process.


By hiring an acting coach, it is never guaranteed that you will have a successful career in acting, but we assure you that with the right acting coach you will be able to take your acting abilities to new levels. An acting coach will also teach you how to be comfortable in front of an audience while acting. Of course, you know that this is a very important skill that takes time to accomplish. Once your acting coach gives you the skills to achieve this you will be able to give amazing performances over and over again. With an acting coach we will show you exactly what it takes for your audience to understand you. Enunciation is very important when it comes to acting. Your personal acting coach will also show you how you can project your voice so it can be heard while performing. This is extremely important. An actor that cannot be heard will not get their point across.



Let's Get Started!

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In Person (One on One)

Online (One on One)


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