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John Pallotta Studio's mission is to help students of all ages develop, hone, and enhance techniques and tools that will enable them to build a career as a professional, working actor. With intense study and practice in the classroom, on set and on camera, we place special emphasis on training the actor to respond quickly and fully to all stimuli; enabling each student to make fearless, confident and ultimately, winning choices. Whether through class or private coaching, the essential goal of John Pallotta Studio is to help the actor cultivate a process as a professional artist that is uniquely their own, giving them their greatest chance at working in the acting industry.

  • SIX MONTH PROGRAM $4,000.00

  • ONE YEAR - 7,200.00 



(What is included depends on program selected).



  • Resumes

  • Filmed Scenes and Briefs

  • Business Cards

  • Comp Cards

  • Slate Shots

  • Personality Slate

  • Comedic Slates

  • Websites & SEO

  • Your Reel (Filming included)

  • All Casting Websites (Backstage, Actors Access, etc)

  • Social Media Marketing.Sites

  • and more...

  • INTERESTED CALL (646)619-7777 



Marketing yourself as an actor, and doing a good job of it, could ultimately be the difference between whether you are a working actor or an outofwork actor, so it is something that you should put a lot of time and energy into. There are many different aspects to Actor Marketing, and there is no hard and fast rule as to how you should do it, so try and be intuitive and discover what is going to work best for you.


This aspect an actor’s career comes up time and time again because it is so very important. Through your training you will be honing what it is that you are actually marketing your talent and your skill. There is no cutting corners on this one! Discover what it is that you have a special talent for and be able to demonstrate it. Great comedic timing? Shakespeare? Stage Combat? You can discover all this through taking class, and in doing so will pick up more strengths to add to your repertoire. Training is a key aspect and first step in marketing for actors.


solo or double scene shot on a High Def (4K) camera for your demo reel - with multiple "TYPE" scripts to choose from. We have many different packages to choose from, which include, Slate Shots, Personality Slates, One person briefs, two people fully edited scenes with Mix and match packages that include, script consultation, coaching, on-set direction, and post-production. Filmed and edited scenes also include, Slate Shots and Personality Slates.


This is an essential tool for any actor.  It should be an 8×10 professional color headshot as it’s your key to get an audition. Your headshot should reflect the roles you’re most castable as.



A resume gives you credibility and shows a casting director why they should hire you. If should be no longer than one page and attached to the back of your headshot. Include your contact information and set the focus of your resume to the part you’re auditioning for.



A demo reel can highlight your acting skills, confidence in front of the camera, and personality. It should be one to two minutes long. Look at it like a commercial that reflects your skills. It can have several mini-clips of your past work or a good story that displays your abilities.



HaBusiness cards are a low-cost marketing and networking tool that can prove to be an invaluable investment if you, the actor, has them on you at all times.


If you want to work in commercial print, this is essential. Put four body shots on one side and a great headshot on the reverse with all your stats: height, weight, hair color, eye color, dress/suit size, shoe size, glove size, hat size. This tool is more about your body/image than about your acting ability.



Your bio should be four paragraphs listing your major credits, training, recent roles, and personal interests. You don’t need this on a daily basis nor do you send it out often. You need to have one on hand for when you do get cast so it is ready to be put in a Playbill. Make sure it is in your press kit.



A website can act as your portfolio. You can display your photos, resume, showreels, news, reviews, and social media accounts.



Most actors overlook the power of social media. Social media can be a great networking tool if used correctly. Follow industry leaders, casting directors, talent agents, and media outlets. Post interesting information about the industry, photos, and clips about your latest projects, and interact with your followers.



A postcard is a good way to say hello, to promote a new show, or even to follow up after an audition. Be creative, include photos and production stills.



You can use one-sheets to promote your self, and they are very easy to create. It’s your magazine cover or movie poster.


Casing Directors List

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