Featured BACKSTAGE Article

on Lauren Gordon

Maggie Shirk

CoStar Role Tommy

Brooke Marriott

Guest Star L&O SVU

Good Morning America

Rodney R Jones

The D.O.C.

Chase Street

Mia Michaels

3 Primetime Emmys

Kenyah Hill

Americas Next Top Model

Featured PA Filmmaker

Lynn Kaplan Fink


Lauren Gordon

CoStar FBI

Supporting - 5th Borough

Supporting - EVIL

Featured Actor - BACKSTAGE

Maria Farrow

Guest Star L&O SVU

Guest Star Elementary

Maxwell Owens

Guest Star L&O

Good Day NY

Courtney Chu

Guest Star Black-ish

Guest Star - the Undoing

Guest Star Blue Bloods

Saturday Night Live

Jimmy Fallen

Candace Dillard

The Real Housewives

(FMR) Miss America

Hope Madison

The Digs

Josh Charles

2 Primetime Emmys

Golden Globe Award

People Choice Award

Screen Actors Guild Award

Ben Aaron

3 Primetime Emmys

NBC News

Sarah Hartshorne

Americas Next Top Model

Stacy Nelick

12 Floors

Ana Maria Jomolca

Law and Order SVU

Broad City

Michelle Lewis

Law and Order SVU


Joseph Donofrio



Analyze That


Selita Ebanks 

Fashion Model

Nicki (TV Series)

Regan Foxx

Law and Order SVU


Carolynn Mincin



Featured BACKSTAGE Article

on John Pallotta

Ashley Greaves

Co Star L&O SVU

Co Star Barely Legal

Zypher Ingle

Guest Star New Amsterdam

CoStar _ Dark Military

CoStar Broad City

Star Wars

Fran Pultro

Rocky Balboa

Johnny Alonso

Coffin-Emmy Winner

Frank Albanese



Paul Chapman

CoStar House of Cards

Guest Star First Lady

Tony Farro



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 John's technique frees us to trust ourselves

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